Monday, December 19, 2016

Dozens Of "Alien" UFO Reports In 2016 Submitted To MUFON

One could say that many think of California as the lunatic fringe of America... and when I searched MUFON for reports submitted during the calendar year 2016 that involved "entities" as marked by the submitter of the report - California came up with 34 results...many many with pictures. I hope to capture a bit of the outright tom foolery and more (perhaps something even worthwhile) - with a brief review of as many of the reports as makes sense...follow the links for the MUFON direct info and probably more than my quick take. 34 reports of aliens and never a capture....or will there be?
Reports With NO Pictures Or Video Or Drawings
submitted 12/13/16
"Direct contact. Tall. 8ft. Red-amber in color. Black eyes. Skinny. Very defined in muscle structure. And the hands. They were big, three long fingers followed up by two short.. no smell. Felt nonthreat."
Big tall alien man and it ran very fast after a bright light moving weird movement
How about a Big White Tall Man With Long Legs submitted in Nov 2016? One minute nutty read too.
Here's a report from October 2016
From 10 pm to about 6 am,August 19 the to August 20 the there was a lot of different kind's of activities from human like entities disappearing into the ocean,orbs the size of a basketball glowing green coming out of the ocean!
This amazing September event was submitted in October
Captured on surveillance camera white glowing figure flew into view followed by a beam of light seeming to be scanning then beam retrieved figure which appeared human on its back with extremities flailing while ascending. Disappeared
"We are left with a feeling of being undone or as if unraveled now having to acknowledge,what once was just an uncertain idea, or a what if or a ,probably not, frame of mind. It causes quite a mind trip, that disrupts my whole state of being, good nor bad, just a complete Unknowing"
Here's a report from August 2nd
This viewing has lasted weeks now. Began with orbs in sky to holograms in house
This report from July
Full Fleged Missing Time Experiences And More - long detailed report, mindblowing
From June
And, the most flipped out report from February
He Talked With Them For An Hour - report has that creepy "then the helicopters came' references.
 saw this light desending on to the ranch, we only have 3 acres, but it landed in a small pasture, it was about 70 ft in diameter,i went okay fine,, im not afraid of them, figure if they are gonna eat me or abduct me there is nothing i can do.i stood there and said cool,anyway a door opened and these 2 guys walked out said with hands outstretched you have been wondering about us, for many years,, i said well yes,
and those were some of the reports without pictures
below are some of the reports with
pictures, video, or drawings

It will be interesting to compare the stories of the pictures and the pictures themselves. You can count on the notion that nothing is going to be seen in the pictures below if 1,400 posts on UFO's is any indication.

Lets start off with a real dozy. 
Invisible entities incls Grey Aliens, Skull Beings and Demons - NO UFO crafts
And... here is one of those invisible aliens

7 other pictures are just as bad and imaginary.
I can't bear to look thru dozens more of these today so you'll need to check back. I bookmarked my search..expect more.

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